The Pink Elefant, where the Brazilian Monarchy realized its last Ball, before de Republic: on the historical Fiscal Island. Things of Rio de Janeiro…

IN REASON OF THE GREAT DEMAND BY THIS COLUMN, and by the simply fact of LIFE CAN’T STOP, this Columnist decide one more time write in this Blog about his week. Pure and simple, as Marcelo Terra’s whisky…

1054_10151482786713063_460703695_nDJ Lize Campbell, Alexandre “Djokovic” and this Columnist. A Cristiane Montes’ picture.

    A SHOVEL OF NEW FACES will appear here, and we’ll recover old faces too. Facts & Photos, Places and Plates, the Glamourous Women’s Fashion, PEOPLE, TOO MUCH PEOPLE…

Rio, 07/06/2010.Ricardo Amaral, Jardim Bot‰nico.Foto: Selmy Yassuda

 Ricardo Amaral with two dolls that had made part of the Alô Alô’ Nightclubs  decorationNY Photo:VEJAmagazine.

     NATURALLY, lots of people in Brazil comes here, because this Column’s name is similar as the anthology Nightclub “Resumo da Ópera” (Summary of the Opera), property of the unbeatable businessman Ricardo Amaral, that marked an Era in Rio de Janeiro.  Well, this Columnist baptized with this name, as a parallel of numerous opportunities, nuances, shades, sounds and a no numbers of people as an Opera provides. And, its story merges as this Columnist’s week. Thence, the name…


     SO, the reasons of so many acess outside the country, the Columnist don’t know how to explain… Even people from the distant Mianmar and the obscure North Korea still “clik” here… United States and Europe are habituées here…



AS USUAL ,the Musical Sugestion for this moment is STREET LIFE, by Randy Crawford : http://youtu.be/cnNyxy7XPfs


ON THIS FIRST MOMENT, the Columnist with photos, gives an en passant on the manifolds topics that he’ll show here, on this festive photos’ Pout Pourri:


     AMANDA CORREA, THE QUEEN OF THE GLAMOUROUS, at the pinnacle of her splendor, on this photo taken by this Columnist, on the day of her birthday. How matter, if it is in December? A partying assumed, in top form, on this week that passed, provided a party for her brothers birthdays Domingos and Ândora, that hardly will be forgotten…


     DOMINGOS COELHO, MY HERO, showing for whole world, the biggest property Brazil has: THE MULATAS! All of us need Mulatas, not Argentines’ soccer players…


     DEBORA PEDROSA, OUR LOVELY SINGER, in her show at Velho Armazém. Photo taken by this Columnist. Transiting by several musical styles, nationals and internationals ones, with own rereading, she involve us with her voice, and us seduced by her incontestable talent, we simply follow her, with the heart’s ears…


HOW NOT TO TALK ABOUT CARMEN MAYRINK VEIGA, the absolute BLOG DO PIMENTA “clicks” champion? This is one of the most incredible Carmen’s photo that this Columnist has, laureate by this painted portraits, where naturally, the most well-knew, one painted by Cândido Portinari, only not shine more than the proper Carmen. You grow, watching one woman of this caliber, only can becomes a very demanding man… No longer exit more women as Carmen…


THE MOST LOYAL READRES remember Mr. José Landy Giorio do Vale, which lived on the most festive part of the Urca’s district. Do, now he lives on the most festive and interessant part of Niterói, and became this Columnist’s neighbor. Here, we see Landy with a historic bottle of Black & White schott wisky, a circa 30-40 years old bottle. Its never became opened, saved all this time inside of an ambry, on his aunt’s house. The sweet lady would throw it away, but Landy, the willing, freed her of this inconvenience, leading that bottle for his selected and varied bar, where we found since Sake to his traditional Tequila, passing by a grape’s distilled (we can call a grape’s “cachaça”), Amarula liqueur (the couple loves Amarula!), the traditional vodka, so loved by his wife Ilana, and this Columnist’s contribution for so noble cause: Run!


PAULA BUZAN, in the living room, wielding a Spanish medieval sword, one of these things we can only found at Landy’s home… A gift by Ilana, that celebrated her last birthday in Paris… And, by around, a shovel of alleged dolls, considering the fellows and the Glaumourous as nothing, because celebrated on a shovel place…


FOR ALL BLOG DO PIMENTA’S READERS: the Columnist presents Cristiane Montes, journalist, such has a super charming Blog, modaestyles.blogspot.com.br, stuffed of tendencies, hot opinions, to much fashion, finally, it’s her face! Thorough observer, she is very judicious, before opine… It’s a great suggestion her Blog. Well, this Columnist is her friend, he’ll drink water directly by the fountain… By the bonne route… On the left, Debora Pedrosa thinking how to solve the European’s Crisis Problem…


CHEF HILDO, THE MAN OF THE MATCH on Jardim Waxy’s kitchen! All of us are with the eyes on he! In full Brazilian tomato’s crisis, never a tomato sauce were so tasty, so vivid, oh Gosh! This Columnist proposed a challenge for Chef Hildo, on the picture above next to Rodrigo Kastrup, our dear  Jardim Waxy’s gardener: this Columnist will go to his kitchen…


“Paglia & Fieno”, one of the wonders things Chef Hildo provides… 

WHAT THIS COLUMNIST WILL FOUND THERE… Follow the next chapters, which will be loyalty describes here!


ON WAXY NIGHTCLUB, on last Thursday, were presented two bands: the JPG, where this Columnist had the pleasure of met the musician João Ramalho, a live prove that talent is something that is passed by father to son – Zé Ramalho’s son done well, on Waxy’s night. On the same night, The Xico Chico Band were presented too, and the success were so great, that at this Friday June 1st we’ll have them show again. This Columnist fell sorry have no pictures about…


Amanda Correa, this Columnist, Carla Moraes and Shayana Mury de Faria.

CORPUS CHRISTI’S HOLIDAY – Brazil is the unique country in whole world where still the atheists celebrates a religious holiday! – This Columnist talk about the most intelligent woman he met, on last times: Shayana Mury de Farias. The Columnist had the great privilege of met she on her birthday. Brazilian by birth, American by a whole life, the executive were asked about lots of things and thinks. About this Brazil’s moment, investments and prerogatives of an apparent promising future on the Prime World, the Hurricane Shay answered: “too much holydays…”. This is the country will host the World Cup!



* Found Adilson Sacramento, in the middle of Plaza Shopping: indescribable…

* Marcelo Bezerra da Silva on Skype with Bishop Macedo…

* This Columnist is catching up his E-mail, InBox, phone calls and similar. Patience, Good People, I’ll Get There!

* What an absurd, the honest and sacred Poker becomes a “little fashion”… The matches on Landy’s home were so amusing… The Columnist will talk more about it.

* The SÓ PRA DISTRAIR Group (a Samba Group): keep this name, because on a next future, you’ll listen too much about it!

* The Columnist saw on Facebook: on U.S.A, the I is a signal of progress and comfortable: I-phone, I-Pad, I-Pod… On Brazil: IPTU, IPVA, ICMS (all of them are governmental taxes)… With no more comments….


PHILOSOPHY: “There is four things that reason cannot understand: a poor superb one, a miserable rich one, a lecherous old man one, and an employee arrogant one”, by the Talmud. 3 minutes of a selected reading. The Columnist returns, with the Part 2. For all Dearest Friends and Loyal Readers,



(A Tight Hug! )


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