Carlos Pimenta, betwin the Kolbow Soares’ sisters, Anne Catherine and Lara Raissa, his daughters, inside Colégio da MABE‘s dependencies, where everything started…

AFTER A CONDIGN RECESS, THE  BLOG DO PIMENTA STARS  ITS 2012’S ACTIVITIES. The Blog’s propriety, CARLOS PIMENTA will maintain, with no alteration, the precepts that directing this undertaking, bringing to the public knowledge only opinions that could be useful for a salutary debate. To throw lights into the Past, bringing knowledge for the youngest the Golden Years that Rio de Janeiro had lived. Naturally, the Humor is not give up, so since always, the life’s biggest truths are told between loud laughter; this is visible, for example, on Molière’s extensive work. The combat against the notorious “Celebrities’ World” still go on. “In my Blog, I give notoriety only for people that really have something to contribute, people that have something to say. I’m fed up of stupid people!”, declared Carlos Pimenta, in December, to the “FênixCarlos Fraxo, on a night of launching of a book about Journalism and History, one of the most month’s environment research. The “Ibrahim Sued’s Pattern” still maintained.Someone had told, on an  opportunity  for Carlos Pimenta: “you approaches subjects and people that nobody knows”. However, with his acquaintance sensibility, Carlos Pimenta is working more thorough either this Time and his Era. The reader will be the great fortunate on this 2012, with Researches, Interviews and relevant Social’s Events. On BLOG DO PIMENTA, as the consecrated Ibrahim Sued’s words, there is no place for alligators and water’s snakes. The reason of this? The answer for the great part nowadays doubts stay in the Past, just ask any more older person or a History teacher! To the Future, cooperating for this our Brazil that finally received the ISO 9001 by the contemporary world, directly from Rio de Janeiro, the eternal Wonderful City, with Glamour and Humor! Being Cool…

The longing IBRAHIM SUED, and his daughter, BEBEL SUED.


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